Erik's Bread Machine Recipes

The following recipes have been optimized for use with the Breadman Ultimate, but they should work without too much tweaking in any bread machine that can handle a 1.5 pound loaf. This page is mainly for my own reference: there are an untold number of web sites devoted solely to making bread in a machine, so please don't expect too much. A site I highly recommend can be found here, along with a companion mailing list.

Before using any of these recipes, please read my note on flour weights and measures.

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Recipe Index

83% Whole Wheat Bread I
83% Whole Wheat II
Absolutely Apricot Bread
Almond Amaranth Bread
Amaranth Bread
Anadama Bread
Apple Oat Bread
Apple Wheat Bread
Bagels II
Banana Oatmeal Bread
Basic Quinoa Bread
Basic White Bread
Brownie Bread
Buttermilk Bread
Buttermilk Bread II
Caraway Rye Bread
Cheddar and Chives Bread
Cherry Yogurt Bread
Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Citrus Bread
Cornmeal Bread
Cracked Wheat Bread
Cranberry Oatmeal Bread
Egg Bread
English Muffin Bread
French Honey Bread
Garlic French Bread
Garlic Italian Bread
Harvest Bread
Honey Whole Wheat Bread
Honey, Granola, and Yogurt Bread
Maple Buttermilk Bread
Maple Wheat Bread
Millie's Basic Whole Wheat Bread
Mustard Wheat Rye Bread
New York Rye Bread
Oatmeal Bread
Oatmeal Wheat Germ Bread
Olive Oil Garlic Bread
Peaches and Cream
Quinoa Bread
Quinoa Bread II
Rosemary Pepper Bread
Rum Raisin Bread
Saffron Bread
Salsa Picante Bread
San Francisco Sourdough Bread
Seven Grain Bread
Sourdough Beer Bread
Sourdough Bread
Standard Wheat Bread
Tangy Cranberry Bread
Whole Wheat Raisin Oatmeal Bread
YuleKake (Bread)
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