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A view of Pier "A" on the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey.

[hoboken pier cam]

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Interesting images from times past are available in the Pier Cam Archive. The last twenty-four hours of images are available in the Latest Archive. Hoboken cam images and daily videos for any date since 2007-05-27 can be found on the Weather Underground.

The Pier Cam Movie (11.5 MB) was built using 320 x 240 images taken during daylight hours on 2000-12-01 at 15-second intervals; the movie frame rate corresponds to 7 1/2 minutes of pier time per second. You may also like the Sunrise Movie (1.5 MB).

The pier cam was 93 feet high from 6/2000 until 11/2006, when it got tired of the view. From 11/2006 until 7/2010, the cam was 25 feet high; it is now about 40 feet above sea level at 2 Hudson Place in Hoboken, NJ. The image is updated every 10 minutes. The time stamp on the image is EST (UTC minus 5 hours) in winter months and EDT (UTC minus 4 hours) otherwise.

Comments are welcome; please send them to me (Erik Jacobsen): caminfo < at > erikthered.com.

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